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Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Chords

Trace Adkins

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Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

(Drums only / Spoken) Turn it up some! 
Alright boys, this is her favorite song 
You know that right 
So, if we play it good and loud 
She might get up and dance again (E5)  
(E5) Ooh, she put her beer down 
(E5) Here she comes 
(E5) Here she comes 
(E5) Left left left right left 
(E5) Husslers shootin' eightball 
Throwin' darts at the wall 
Feelin' damn near 10 ft. tall 
Here she comes, Lord help us all 
(F#5) Ol' T.W.'s girlfriend done (G) slapped him outta his chair 
(A) Poor ole boy, it ain't his fault 
It's (C) so hard not to (D) stare 
  At that (E5) honky tonk badonkadonk 
  Keepin' perfect rhythm 
  Make ya wanna swing along 
  Got it (A5) goin' on 
  Like Donkey Kong 
  And (E5) whoo-wee 
  Shut my mouth, slap your grandma 
  There (F#5) outta be a law 
  Get the (G) Sheriff on the phone 
  (A) Lord have mercy, how's she even (C) get them britches (D) on 
  With that (E5) honky tonk badonkadonk 
  (Aww son) 
Now (E5) Honey, you can't blame her 
For what her mama gave her 
You ain't gotta hate her 
For workin' that money-maker 
(F#5) Band shuts down at two 
But we're (G) hangin' out till three 
We (A) hate to see her go 
But (C) love to watch her (D) leave 
Repeat Chorus 
We don't (A) care bout the drinkin' 
Barely listen to the band  
Our (E) hands, they start a shakin' 
When she gets the urge to dance 
Drivin' (F#5) everybody crazy 
You (G5) think you fell in love 
(A5) Boys, you better keep your distance 
You can (C5) look but you can't (D5) touch 
Repeat Chorus 
Spoken: (E5) That's it, right there boys, that's why we do what we do 
(E5) It ain't for the money, it ain't for the glory, it ain't for the free whiskey 
(E5) It's for the badonkadonk 
Fade Out 

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