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Gift Of Fate Chords


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Gift Of Fate

D                              Cadd9                       G       F
All this pain sourrounding me, hopelessness is all that I see now. Does it have to be this way? 
D                         Cadd9                          G      F
Brought up on hypocrisy, the seeds they sow don't last forever, they just fade away

Cadd9                    G                       D
Don't be confused by the lies of the fools and deceivers
Cadd9                   G                      F          Am
Hope and believe in the things that we need to survive

D                    Cadd9         G       D
We can make it if we only take the gift of faith
D                        Cadd9           G       D
We can change it if we'd just accept the gift of faith

D                    Cadd9                     G           F
Take away my dignity take away my hope and my freedom, you got a world full of rage
D                           Cadd9                      G         F
Don't cover me with apathy, don't buy and sell what I believe it, don't lock me in a cage

Cadd9                G                         D
In a world where no one's alone, trust should come easily
Cadd9               G                   F              A
Just reach out your hand, and I'll give you mine


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