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Drag Him To The Roof Chords


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Drag Him To The Roof

Year: 1996 - Album: Falling in Between Live

	  E  (Guitar Riff)
They keep looking through the window - 
a cathode glaze across their eyes
Not that I've betrayed, I must be well behaved, 
I'll drink corruption with their lies

G         A           G          A
Why was I hiding out? What am I running from? 
G            A               Bbm             G      A
Why are they waiting? Have I always been the chosen one?

B               C#m        A       E          B             C#m      A
Drag him to the roof, just push me over. I've got no better place to be
B               C#m         A      E           B              C#m    D   C   Bb   A
Drag him to the roof, let's get it over it's a perfect day to punish me

E  (Guitar Riff)
I wish that lady would defend me. I can't abide by all the laws
I'll buy the magistrate, can't be a second late, I anxiously await his call

G              A             G              A
Who made this jigsaw puzzle? Who'll put the pieces back?
G               A             Bm           G          A 
Who'll come and get me when I have fallen through the cracks?


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