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Past The Mission Chords

Tori Amos

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by Norin

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Past The Mission

Year: 1994 - Album: Under the Pink

  		Vers 1 
G                                       C 
I don't believe I went too far 
G                      C 
I said I was willing 
G                C                         G                C 
She said she knew what my books did not 
G                                   C 
I thought she knew what's up 
Gm                 Eb 
   Past the mission 
      Bb                      Fsus4 
  Behind the prison tower 
Gm                Eb 
   Past the mission 
       Bb                Fsus4 
   I once knew a hot girl 
Gm                 Eb 
  Past the mission 
                 Bb                 Fsus4       
  They're closing every hour 
Gm                Eb 
  Past the mission 
       Bb           Fsus4 
  I smell the roses 
Vers 2 
she said they all think they know him well 
she knew him better 
everyone wanted something from him 
I did too but i shut my mouth 
he just gave me a smile 
Hey they found a body 
       Dm            C 
Not sure it was his 
                    F            C 
Still they're using his name 
       Dm      C     Dm       
And she gave him shelter 
C | Dm rep. 
And somewhere I know she knows 
Somewhere I know she knows 
Something?s only she knows 


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