Tori Amos

Mr. Zebra

Tori Amos



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Mr. Zebra

	  		     Bbm     F        Gb                      Ab        Db                                            

Cm7           F  
Hello Mr. Zebra can I have your sweater, cuz it's cold, cold, cold in my hole, hole, hole   

Bbm            F7              Gb                       Db                           Bbm                
Ratatouille Strychnine sometimes he's a friend of mine with a gigantic whirlpool that will   

F              Gm7       F/A  
blow your mind  

Bbm          F              Bbm            Ab         Db                           Cm7       F    Bbm  
Hello Mr. Zebra ran into some confusion with a Mrs. Croc-o-dile-dile-dile furry mussels  

F7                        Gb                         Db              Bbm                              

F               G   F/A  
marching on she thinks she' Kaiser Wilhelm or a civilized syllabub to blow your mind  
(piano interlude)  

Figure it out  

F7                 Gb                          Db             Bbm                  Ebm                  Abm  
She, she's a good time fella she got a little fund to fight for Moneypenny's rights  
Figure it out  

F7                 Gb                         Db           Bbm                Eb                            

She, she's a goodtime fella too bad the burial was premature she said and smiled.  


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