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Funky Kingston (miami Ink Theme) Chords

Toots and the Maytals

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by dapholiveira

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Funky Kingston (miami Ink Theme)

  		(solo fica variando esse riff em algumas partes da música)  
|-----------------------------h2---| 5 chor  

as notas base da música inteira  
(F#,F#,A,B) - base      (batida de reggae um tempo em cada nota)  

Hey hey hey hey hey  
I want you to believe every word I say  
I want you to believe every thing I do  
I said music is what I've got baby  
And I've got to find some way to make it  
Music is what I've got baby  
I want you to come on and shake it  
Shake it, shake it baby  
Oh yeah  
Funky funky funky  
Funky Kingston is what I've got for you, oh yeah  
Funky Kingston, yeah is what I've got for you  
Funky Kingston  
Watch me now, you watch me now  
Played from east to west yeah  
I just played from north to south, yeah  
All across America people keep on asking me for Funky  
But I ain't got none  
Somebody take it away from me  
You got to go and fetch one  
Funky Kingston  


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