Tony Bennett

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Tony Bennett

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I Left My Heart In San Francisco

	  		    Bm7           A7           D      D9    A7 
The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay; 

      Bm7          F#m    Bm7       Cdim      E7 
The glory that was Rome is  of  an - oth - er day; 

           Fdim                   Bm7      A7      F#m7 
I've been terribly alone and for - got -ten in Man - hat - ten; 

  D        Bm7      Bm7  Cdim      E7 
I'm going home to my city  by  the bay. 

A  Fdim  Cdim  A7  Cdim A7     F#m      Bm    Bm+7 
I  left  my  heart            in San Francisco; 

           E    Bm7  E7     Cdim     A7    Fdim    A7 
High on a hill,           it calls to me 

E7 Bm7       A7   Bm7   A7     Cdim   A7 
To  be where little cable cars 

 F#m   C#m             G#7 
Climb halfway to the stars; 

             A       B7        E7 
The morning fog may chill the air, 

Fdim       E7 
I   don't care. 

A  Fdim  Cdim  A7  Cdim A7   F#m      Bm   Bm+7 
My love waits there,        in San Francisco, 

Bm7  D9       E7  Bm7   E7      Bm7   F#7   Gdim   F#7 
A - bove the blue            and windy sea; 

F7  F#7      Bm7   Fdim          A       A7    F#m 
When I come home to you, San Francisco, 

    F#m/E D  D9        E6  E7/6  A    Cdim   Fdim   A7 
Your golden sun will shine  on  me 

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