Tommy Walker

I Fix My Eyes On You

Tommy Walker

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I Fix My Eyes On You

	  		D2                         A 
I fix my eyes on You, The author of my faith, 

  G                 A             D        A7sus 
Casting aside every Sin and every weight. 

  D2                    A 
I fix my eyes on You, I lay my burdens down, 

G                          A               D 
Letting the cares, of this world now fade away. 

D/G         A/C#     G/D  D    F#m7  Bm 
One thing i ask, this one thing I    Seek 

     D/C                       A/C#       D 
That I may dwell in your house, O Lord my king 

D/G                A/C            D/G  D         F#m7      Bm 
All the days of my life, I want to gaze upon Your beau------ty 

   G                A      D 
And seek you in the ho-ly place. 


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