Tom Waits

Purple Avenue

Tom Waits

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Purple Avenue


G         Em           Am       D 
   I slow down, Purple Avenues, 
G            Em       Am      B 
   to march around in April's shoes 
Am         D       G     Bm7 
   Weather vanes remind 
       Am              A           Em   D 
of the summetimes that I've left behind 
G              Em       Am        D 
   The money's gone for auld lang syne 
G    Em               Am             B 
   I spent on Eastern Standard Time 
          Am       B     Em 
What ever happened to my role? 
          Am         B           Em 
September fell right through the hole 
         Am      B    Em       D 
All I've got is empty po-ckets now 

G           Em     Am     D 
   Why does August try so hard 
G              Em    Am          B 
   to hoist me on my own petard? 
Am		    D          G      Bm7 
   I've learned one thing from losing her   (alt: how we were) 
        Am          A                 Em       D 
That an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure 
G              Em     Am      D 
   The shadows fall, I cannot thread 
G            Em     Am         B 
   the tenor of the things you said 
           Am      B         Em 
All that's left is flesh and bone 
               Am     B        Em 
The lights are on but no one's home 
         Am     B     Em   D  D# 
All I've got is empty pockets now 

  Cm             Fm           Bb 
I spill myself another drink 
D#             Cm       Fm     Bb 
   I count the whiskers in the sink 
    Fm    Bb     D#     Gm7 
The orchestra is blind 
         D#             Cm       Fm    Bb 
But I've never been the worrying kind 
D#          Cm      Fm     Bb 
   Subsequently and furthermore 
D#                  Cm          Fm       Bb 
   I'll sleep right here on the draining board 
     Fm    G    Cm 
I'll never be paroled 
          Fm        G             Cm 
I like to drink 'em while they're cold 
         Fm     G     Cm  Bb  D# 
All I've got is empty pockets now 

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