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Bronx Lullaby / Smuggler's Waltz Chords

Tom Waits

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by D%2EXis

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Bronx Lullaby / Smuggler's Waltz

	  +Am7       E7/9+       Am7        E7/9+ 
Daggers of moonlight murder the sheets 

Dm7    G7        Bm7        E7/9+ 
in the stink of a four dollar room 

Am7         E7/9+           Am7         E7/9+ 
Daddy's gone hunting for a dime bag of schoolboy 

Dm7    G7      Bm7    E7/9+ 
tied up with a yellow balloon 

Dm7       G7          C13 
Now hush little baby, daddy must go 

Dm7       G7            Bm7         E7/9+ 
I'll cover you up with a blanket of snow 

Am7          E7/9+         Am7           D9 
By the time I make Jersey, you'll be in heaven 

E9+         E9        Am7  D9   
in a little blue shoe box, I know  

Gm7  C9   F13 E7/9+ 

Am7       E7/9+          Am7                E7/9+ 
So sing a song of ten grand, with a pocket full of dough 

Dm7    G7        Bm7    E7/9+ 
and I can't take you to Baltimore 

Am7      E7/9+        Am7             E7/9+ 
Wake god up in heaven, have him look down below, 

E9+       E9          Am7        D9         Gm7      
there's a little lost angel blooming in the snow 

 C9  F13  E7/9+  Am7add9 

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