Tom Russell

Who's Gonna Build Your Wall

Tom Russell

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Who's Gonna Build Your Wall

     G                        D 
I got 800 miles of open border right outside my door 
        D7                                          C                     G 
There's Minute Men in little pickup trucks who've declared their own dang war 
        G                                                D 
Now the government wants to build a barrier, like old Berlin, eight feet tall 
       D7                                 C                     G 
But if Uncle Sam sends the illegals home, who's gonna build the wall? 

G C G Who's gonna build your wall, boys? Who's gonna mow your lawn? G G/F# Em D Who's gonna cook your Mexican food when your Mexican maid is gone? G C Am Who's gonna wax the floors tonight down at the local mall? G G/F# Em D G Who's gonna wash your baby's face? Who's gonna build your wall?
G D Now I ain't got no politics, so don't lay that rap on me D7 C G Left wing, right wing, up wing, down wing, I see strip malls from sea to shining sea G D It's the fat cat white developer, who's created this whole damn squall D7 C G It's a pyramid scheme of dirty jobs and who's gonna build your wall? REPEAT Chorus G D We've got fundamentalist Muslims, we've got fundamentalist Jews D7 C G We've got fundamentalist Christians, they'll blow the whole thing up for you G D But as I travel around this big old world, there's one thing that I most fear D7 C G It's a white man in a golf shirt, with a cell phone in his ear REPEAT Chorus G G/F# Em D G Yeah, who's gonna wash your baby's face? Who's gonna build your wall?

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