Tom Russell

Veteran's Day

Tom Russell

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Veteran's Day

	  		verse 1 
 A                                            D 
Well I used to hang out down at the local VFW hall 
     A                                  E 
And stare at the photographs up on the wall 
      A                                                    D  
Of the neighborhood boys that died in the wars we've been through 
       A                              E               A  	  
And the hand lettered sign that said remember Jimmy McGrew 
verse 2 
 A                               D 
Well Jimmy went to Nam back in 1965 
A                                                             E   
But there's a lot of men here that think Jimmy McGrew's still alive 
            A                                        D 
Though they carved his name on a stone in Washington DC 
    A                        E                          A   
His brother said that stone don't prove a d**n thing to me 
D A It's veteran's day and the skies are gray E Leave the uniforms home cause there ain't gonna be a parade A D But we'll fill up a glass for the ones that didn't make it through A E A And leave a light in the window tonight for Jimmy McGrew
( guitar One Verse ) verse 3 There's a hot rain fallin' on the back streets of Saigon There's an old soldier stumblin' down the alley with his mama-san Lord his eyes are cloudy and his arms are black and blue He's just hangin' by a thread and he looks like Jimmy McGrew CHORUS:

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