Tom Russell

Tonight We Ride

Tom Russell

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Tonight We Ride

	  		> C 
> Written and recorded by Tom Russell 
> From the CD ?Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs 
>> C 
  F                        C 
> Pancho Villa crossed the border, in the year of ought-sixteen 
>                                                             G 
> The people of Columbus, still hear him riding through their dreams 
>                 Am                                          F 
> He killed seventeen civilians, you could hear the women scream 
> C                                           G 
> Black Jack Pershing on a dancing horse, was waiting in the wings 
>                    Am           Em 
> Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride 
>          F                            C                G 
> We'll skin old Pancho Villa, and make chaps out of his hide 
>                   Am                                F 
> Shoot his horse, Siete Leguas, and his twenty-seven brides 
>                     C     F  C 
> Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride 
> We rode for three long years, 'till Black Jack Pershing called it quitsn Jack wasn't looking, I stole his fine spade bit 
> It was tied upon his stallion, so I rode away on it 
> To the wild Chihauhan desert, so dry you couldn't spit 
> Tonight we ride, you bastards dare 
> We'll kill the wild Apache, for the bounty on his hair 
> Then we'll ride into Durango, climb up the whorehouse stairs 
> Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride 
> When I'm too damned old to sit a horse, I'll steal the Warden's car 
> Break my ass out of this prison, leave my teeth there in a jar 
> You don't need no teeth for kissin' galls, or smokin' cheap cigars 
> I'll sleep with one eye open, 'neath God's celestial stars 
> Tonight we rock, Tonight we roll 
> We'll rob the Juarez liquor store, for the Rey Posada gold 
> And if we drink ourselves to death, ain't that the cowboy way to go? 
> Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride 
> Tonight we fly, we're heading west 
> Toward the mountains and the ocean, where the eagle makes it's nest 
> And if our bones bleach on the desert, we'll consider we are blessed 
> Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride,            TAG:  Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride  


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