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Little Blue Horse Chords

Tom Russell

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tarikike

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Little Blue Horse

Intro: C 

verse 1 
                   G           C      C7 
Go and saddle your little blue horse 
      F          Fm        C      C7 
We're riding for better or worse 
           F             Fm 
'Cross the blue midnight sky  
          C           Am 
Where the stars never die 
       C             G           C      G 
On the wings of your little blue horse 

verse 2 
           C           G       C    C7 
He?s got a Navajo brand on his hip 
          F         Fm               C    C7 
He?s got 'Made in Japan' beneath his lip 
         F               Fm 
He?s got burs in his mane 
         C         Am 
He won?t ever be tamed 
      C           G           C      C7 
Baby, saddle your little blue horse 

Down all of my days  
I never figured his ways  
   F             G           C 
He rides on that sandman moonbeam 
He?s a nursery rhyme horse  
From Banbury Cross  
                D                  G 
Where morning's never as far as it seems  
         F            G          Am       F   Am   G 
And lullabies are the mystery of dreams 

verse 3 
         C             G            C     C7 
He?s got rocking chair legs made of wood 
          F              Fm      C      C7 
He?d be a real horse, if only he could 
        F            Fm 
Through all kinds of weather 
     C            Am 
On a bed of goose feathers 
      C            G           C       
We?ll ride on your little blue horse 

verse 4 
             G            C    C7 
So baby, lay down on your bed 
          F            Fm               C     C7 
Chase the troubles and trials from your head 
           F            Fm 
Close your sweet little eyes 
      C            Am 
We?ll mount up and ride 
            C             G           C      G 
Through the hills on your little blue horse 
     C             G           C 
Over blankets on a little blue horse 

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