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On Silent Wings Chords

Tina Turner

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by andrsouza

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On Silent Wings

  		Intro: G 

      Em              D             G 
There was a time when I would have followed you 
Em     Em7         C 
To the end of the earth 
Am                        Em 
I was willing to share it all with you 
The love, the hurt 
      Em                  D                 G 
I've seen you when your dreams were falling in the dust 
Em                     Em7       C 
But I never stopped believing in you 
Am                             Em 
I always thought our love was strong enough 
          F               A 
One you could hold on to 

     D            A 
You never see it coming 
You just let it fly 
    A      D    A        G     Bm7  A 
On silent wings, silent wings 
D         A                  A7       G   
You can't hide what you you feel inside 
         G       D          Em7 
And the fire has left your eyes 
C9           G 
On silent wings 

   Em           D                G 
I see us in our dreams and we're dancing 
Em       Em7          C 
I can almost hear the song 
Am                         Em 
But the prayers, they go unanswered 
But we both know, we're just hanging on 

  Em                D                    G 
I feel ashamed, but I'll never know the reason why 
Em                     Em7                  C 
The rug was pulled so gently from under my feet 
Am                          Em 
I only know that something good has died 
         F                           A 
Between you and me, oh it's just a memory 

     D            A 
You never see it coming 
You just go separate ways 
    A      D    A        G    Bm7  A 
On silent wings, silent wings 
D               A     A7     G  
There's no more promises to break 
       G         D      Em7 
Or our love has slipped away 
On silent wings 

(from the solo on the last Choruses are one note higher!!) 

     E            B  
You never see it coming 
But you know it has to end 
    B      E    B        A    C#   B 
On silent wings, silent wings 
E      B            Bm7   A   
I will never be the same again 
            A      E      B      
I feel the whisper of the wind 
On silent wings 


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