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Ricky Tidwell's Mama's Gonna Play Football Chords

Tim Wilson

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Ricky Tidwell's Mama's Gonna Play Football

Ricky (G) Tidwell was a great athlete  
He was a (C) big strong boy that was quick on his feet 
And every (G) college in the country wanted Ricky blockin' on their (D) line 
Oh when the (G) scouts came knocking on Ricky's door 
They (C) didn't want to talk to young Rick no more 
When they (G) saw his mama she's the (D) one they wanted to (G) sign 
She was a real bold woman raised on a farm  
Had (C) Bear Bryant tattooed on her forearm 
She was (G) meaner than hell and ran the 40 in 4.(D)3 
She could (G) squat 600 bench press 5 
The (C) hands down meanest homemaker alive 
Got a (G) scholarship playing line(D)backer in the SE(G)C (G7) 
Ricky (C) Tidwell's mama is gonna play football 
Her (G) real name's Doris but they're gonna call her "Too (D) Tall" 
She's got (G) shoulders and a hind end four foot wide 
(C) Going to college on a (C7) full ride 
Mrs. (G) Tidwell's will you (D) play in the (F) NC-(C)-double-(G)-A 
She'd (G) wash all her team mates uniforms 
Tucked (C) everybody in the football dorms 
(G) Cooked the game meal, said the Lord's prayer 
You're (D) missing a jockstrap? She's got a spare 
(G) Crawled in the huddle, and called all the plays 
The (C) only one tough enough to go both ways 
Got a (G) mouth full of mud, scarred up knees 
(D) Cussing out the coaches and the referees 
Ricky (C) Tidwell's mama's gonna play football 
Her (G) real name's Doris  
Everbody calls her "Too (D) Tall" 
They say she's a (G) fine young man but she's really not 
Ricky's (C) mama was the master of the (C7) cheap shot 
And on the (G) triple option (D) play she'd (F) ruin (C) your (G) day 
She led the (F) team in tackles and the (C) league in sacks 
Res(G)ponsible for killing nine running backs 
But the (F) school's reputation (C) was destroyed 
They (G) accused Ricky's mama of (D) ster(D7)oids 
Ricky (C) Tidwell's mama's on probation 
Now the (G) college is started their investiga(D)tion 
They wouldn't leave (G) poor Ricky Tidwell's mama alone 
Said (C) she'd been takin' male (C7) hormones 
Doris (G) Tidwell's gonna be (D) hell 
In the (F) N-(C)-F(G)-L 
Ricky Tidwell's mama 
I got a flagrant personal foul, unsportsmanlike conduct  
Illegal use of a clothesline  
15 yard penalty 
1st down 


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