Third Day

God of Wonders

Third Day

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God of Wonders

Year: 2003 - Album: Chronology, Vol. 2

Written by Steve J Hindalong, Byrd Carey Marcus

 Dsus4     Em7            C2   Dsus4 
         Lord of all creation   
Em7                   C2   
   Of water earth and sky   
Em7                   C2    Dsus4 
Heavens are your tabernacle   
Em7                   C2   
Glory to the Lord on high    

G                             Dsus4 D   
God of wonders beyond our galaxy   
        Am7    C2   
You are holy, holy   
    G                            Dsus4 D   
The universe declares your majesty   
        Am7    C2   
You are holy, holy    

Lord of heaven and earth x4  

RPT Verse  

Em                C2         D        Em 
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth (4x)   


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