The Yordles

Teemo Shroom

The Yordles

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Teemo Shroom

Intro: D5  F5  G5  F5  G5  F5  D5 

verse 1 

From the land of Bandle City 
All across the Summoner's Rift 
The yordle known as Teemo 
Bb             C 
A scout who's small and swift 
Camouflaged in top lane 
Or perhaps he's creeping mid 
Armed and ready with his blowgun 
Bb             C 
And escape he will forbid 

Pre Chorus 

Dm                 C 
Never underestimate 
The power of the scout's code 
He will seal your fate 
HUT 2, 3, 4!!! 

Dm The Swift Scout, A Bandle City citizen Bb Tell Lee Sin that there's a new Legend F5 C Reporting in, size doesn't mean everythin' Dm Move quick, toxic shot, that's got a sting Bb Blinding dart, missing every single swing F5 C In the end if you're still standing Intro riff THEN I'LL GET YA WITH MY TEEMO SHROOMS!
verse 2 With the cuteness of a Moogle, Dunks like Shaquille O'neal A mask that's not Majora's And a global taunt so real. The source of all his power Shrooms 1-UP, death counts Ryze With the courage to move forward, And the wisdom to survive Bridge F5 C The hero of Bandle City Dm The hero that we all need Bb The defender of the Yordles F5 The smallest champion of the league C He may be small Dm But his heart he cannot hide Bb Watch the Titans Fall F5 From the power that's inside
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Solo: (3:13) e|------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------13------------| G|-----------------12b14------------10-12----12b14-12~--| D|--------------10---------------10---------------------| A|--888-10/12----------8-10/12--------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| (3:19) e|------------------------------------------------------| B|--13--------------------------------------------------| G|-----12b14-12p10-12p10----10------10----10~-----------| D|-----------------------12----10h12---12-----12~-------| A|------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| (3:22) e|------------------------------------------------------| B|--------11~-10~----------------------------------------| G|--/7-10--------10~--2/3-2-3-2~------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| (3:27) e|------------------8------------------------------------| B|----------------6---8~--------------6-8-8p6------------| G|------------5/7-----------------5-7---------7-5b7r5----| D|--333/5-7/8-------------------5---------------------3~-| A|-----------------------33h5/7--------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------| (3:36) e|-------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------| G|---------5~-/15p14-15p14-------------------------------| D|--3~-5/7-----------------17-15-14-15-17p15p14----------| A|----------------------------------------------17-15-17-| D|-------------------------------------------------------| (3:39) e|--------------------------20~--| B|--------------------17-18------| G|--------------17-14------------| D|-14-15-14~-15------------------| A|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------|

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