The Wonder Years


The Wonder Years

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B                       G#m   F#  E 
The bowling alley burnt down 
E                  F#                     B 
They said it was a cigarette, I almost believed it 
There were burns in the carpet 
F#        E                F# 
Everyone knows that it was for the insurance and 
B                      G#m        F# 
This is where you pick up the bus 
          E                F# 
The most famous person to come out of here was 
     B                          G#m 
The guy that played Leatherface 
    F#           E                 F# 
in all of those Chainsaw Massacres 
B                 G#m           F# 
Every business on Main Street collapsed except 
Morgan's mom's place 
The whole town feels dead and 
The whole town feels dead 
         G#m             F#              E 
Well the whole town, the whole town feels dead 
I can't blame it 

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