The Wonder Years

I've Given You All

The Wonder Years

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I've Given You All

Intro:  G Em C D (2x) 

            G      Em        C        D       G         Em     
This town has only had this one old lonely homeless man 
        C              D 
For as long as I can think back 
He was a Vietnam Vet 
        Em                  C                  D 
He got beaten to death in Memorial Park under one of the benches 
      G              Em 
The cops all said it was probably kids 
     C           D 
But nobody ever found them 
                     G      Em C 
I guess they stopped trying 
       D              G 
And I wonder if they ever did 

Em C D 

        G          Em 
It's a sober sight 
          C                           D 
The old alcoholics that drink by the train 
        G            Em     C                  D 
Riding Good Will bikes and constantly running away 
         G                   Em                  C                  D 
Wearing starter jackets for teams that haven't existed since the nineties 
       G                       Em 
With discouraged faces they're counting down days 
      C                   D 
And pulling at paper bag forties 
Man, I'm sorry 

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