The Wonder Years

I Wont Say The Lords Prayer

The Wonder Years

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I Wont Say The Lords Prayer

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		I like to play this in D# standard, .  Feel free to criticize and  
correct, I'm open to it, as I'm not sure about these, so please correct if need be. 

It's a series of bars thrift stores and churches lining the streets 
Am                                    Gm                   F 
While women with gold crosses push kids into half-formed beliefs 
And if Lot was righteous, I think I'd rather not be 
Am                              Gm          F 
We lean on fences built from outdated morality 
It's a gang mentality, it's a dangerous thing 
Am                                 Gm            F 
They don't ask you to think, just to repeat after me 
And assume you're too careless to look at it critically 
Am                                         Gm             F 
You'll stop progress if it contradicts what you're told to believe 

B5  A5  C  B5 
I refuse to spend life on my knees 

These billboards that flaunt these scared tactics 
Am                                  Gm                  F 
Make me think you're only good if you're afraid of being punished 
Every single Sunday, church bells wake me up 
Am                       Gm               F 
But it's never enough to pull me out of bed 

The church on Main Street has got its doors painted red 
Am                                      Gm              F 
And I guess it's so the Angel of Death passes over it on its way to get gas 
The church over on Broad Street has got a neon sign that says Jesus Save Me 
Am                                   Gm                   F 
And I guess it's so God can see from where he is in the cheap seats 

B5  A5  C  B5 
I refuse to spend life on my knees 
I won't let somebody else 
Somebody else 
Somebody else 

C                            F 
If we're all just Christians or lions 
C                                                  F 
I think I'd rather be on the side with sharper teeth 
                 B5   A5 
I don't need saving 

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