The Weakerthans

Hospital Vespers

The Weakerthans

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Hospital Vespers

Capo on 4th fret

Intro:   A E D A  (2x)

A                                 E 
Doctors played your dosage like a card-trick 
D                                    A 
Scrabbled down the hallways yelling, "Yahtzee!" 
A                                  E 
I brought books on Hopper, and the Arctic 
D                                 A 
Something called "The Politics of Lonely" 
A                                      E  
A toothbrush and a quick-pick with the plus 
D                                 A 
You tried not to roll your sunken eyes 
D                                       E 
You said, "Hey can you help me, I can't reach it"  
    A                            D 
And pointed at the camera in the ceiling 
  D                                       E 
I climbed up, blocked it so they couldn't see 
A                                 D 
Turned to find you out of bed and kneeling 
A                                E 
Before the nurses came, took you away 
  D                                      A 
I stood there on a chair and watched you pray 

Outro   A E D A  (2x) 

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