The Watersons

Fine Horseman

The Watersons

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Fine Horseman


Am  E    Am    E    
Sleeping in my bed 
Am      E        Am                 E 
Strange thoughts running through my head. 
C  G       Am  E 
I dreamed you were 
C   G   Am      E 
Playing with my hair. 
C    G    Am       F 
Fine fine sparrow, fine fine horseman. 

Rain falls and the wind roars, 
All the folks are indoors. 
We came through a ford 
Riding over the moors. 
Fine fine sparrow and a fine fine horseman. 

Your dreams among my dreams 
Blue seas amongst sunbeams; 
Shades of yellow, shades of green 
These are your dreams among my dreams 
Fine fine sparrow, fine fine horseman. 

Morning to you, farming man 
Here's to your heart, your family and land. 
I'll pay down a ring and a gold band 
On a field for a ride around 
For a fine fine sparrow, a fine fine horseman. 

Morning likewise, maiden and man, 
My family's dead, my heart is in the ground. 
I have no land 
This is no time for a farming man 

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