The Waterboys

Beverly Penn

The Waterboys

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Beverly Penn

G  C  G  C  G  D/F#  C 
G  C  G  C  G  D/F#  C    G 

Verse: 1 
                           C      G 
Girl sleeping on a mansion roof 
                    C   G 
Under a wintery sky 
                               D/F#    C 
Wrapped she is in her furs and sable 
Starlight in her eye 

Verse: 2 
                                 C      G 
And what is the name of this creature? 
                            C   G 
Where did she live and when? 
Who was she and why was it 
           C                      G      C   G   C   G 
That Peter Lake - loved - Beverly Penn? 

Verse: 3 
                            C      G 
Four o'clock in a marble morning 
                          C   G 
Water pouring on her skin 
                          D/F#  C 
In fever, her life bursts open 
And a hurricane blows in 

Verse: 4 
                                  C          G 
When high from the dreams of this creature 
                           C   G 
A thief on a horse descends 
It was dawn and it was December 
          C                      G 
And Peter Lake - loved - Beverly Penn 

Instrumental: G  C  G  C  G  D/F#  C    G 

Verse: 5 
                          C    G 
It was all of a windy day 
                              C    G 
And the sky was full of crows 
                      D/F#      C 
When her lovely soul ascended 
She just closed her heart and rose 

Verse: 6 
                                 C       G 
And whither the soul of this creature? 
                        C   G 
Tell me the story again 
Of scarves and songs and the skin of space 
              C                      G 
And how Peter Lake - loved - Beverly Penn 

Instrumental: G  C  G  C  G  D/F#  C    G 

Verse: 7 
                              C    G 
I would dive in a freezing river 
                      C     G 
Set fire to a hundred men 
If I could, for just one time 
         C                                  G      C   G   C   G 
Love somebody the way that he loved Beverly Penn 

Outro: G  C  G  C  G  D/F#  C    G 

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