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A Girl Called Johnny Chords

The Waterboys

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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A Girl Called Johnny

  		Intro:  Am Am G  G D D F G    x2 

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Am G D F G e|---------------12-------------------------12~| B|12--------12-13--13-12-----12--------12-13---| G|--14---14--------------14----14---14---------| D|----14~------------------------14~-----------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|
Am G ...I remember Johnny - hey!... Johnny come lately D F G ...I remember her shoes like a... ballerina Am G D ...A girl called Johnny who... changed her name when she D F G Discovered her choice was to change or to be changed
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Am G D F G e|---------------12-------------------------12---------| B|12--------12-13--13-12-----12--------12-13--13-12----| G|--14---14--------------14----14---14--------------14-| D|----14~------------------------14~-------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------|
Am G ... I remember a girl called Johnny... black as hell and white as a ghost D F G ... Don't talk about life or death she said "I've had enough of both" Am G D ... A girl called Johnny who - was - not - scared D F G ... They'd have torn her to pieces but who would dare? Sax solo Am Am G G D D F G x2 Am G ... I remember a girl called Johnny... the train came to town, boy she got on it D F G Without looking back, without a word she said goodbye, well I never heard Am but the noise goes on, the noise, the jazz G And the truth is in somebody else's hands D F G Am And the house that a girl called johnny built is now-just-ash-es and sand G D F G Ashes and sand, ashes and sand Am G D F G Outro x6 Am

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