The Village Church

But God

The Village Church

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But God

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Em9              C                 Am7 
O how great the weight of sin that lured my wicked soul 
Em9                   C              Am7 
Bound with chains and numb to every hope 
Em9            C                 Am7           D/F# 
O how vast the void of love, the darkness of despair 
C             Em7     D/F# 
My hell bound home assured 

G But God D/F# Em Rich in mercy made a way C By grace I have been saved Em Through faith I have been raised D/F# C (Bridge Turn - C Em-G D x2) Only by the blood of Christ
V2 Em9 C Am7 O how great the sacrifice the Father made for me Em9 C Am7 Freedom flowing from the battered King Em9 C G D/F# O how vast the love of God and still my soul it wars C Em7 D/F# Against the powers of dark Bridge C G We were called from the dark Em D/F# C G D/F# And now we stand in glory‚??s light, Jesus, Savior King

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