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Stephanie Says Chords

The Velvet Underground

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by panchocho

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Stephanie Says

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Intro C Em Am G |----8-|---7-|---5-|---3-| |---8--|--8--|--5--|--3--| |--9---|-9---|-5---|-4---| |10----|9----|7----|5----| |------|-----|-----|-----| |------|-----|-----|-----|
Stephanie says that she wants to know G C G C Why she's given half her life, to people she hates now G Am C D Stephanie says that she wants to know... why is... But she's not afraid to die, the people all call her Alaska G C G C Between worlds so the people ask her 'cause it's all in her mind G C G D It's all in her mind G D Stephanie says... She asks you is it good or bad C D G It's such an icy feeling... it's so cold in Alaska, it's so cold in Alaska C D G C G C It's so cold in Alaska... Panchocho Gilmour

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