The Unicorns

Ready To Die

The Unicorns

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Ready To Die

A                          D             E 
   I woke up thirsty on an island in the sea 
A                               D                   E 
   I woke up hungry with hungry colours surrounding me 
A                             Bm              E 
   I hit the soft spot on the soft spot on my head 
A                        Bm           E 
   It made me tired so I sung from my bed 
F#m             A                 D                 E 
   I'm ready to die, I'm ready to die, I'm ready to die 

   F#m                                 Bm 
   A sword, a switchblade, any way you cut it 
           A                           C# 
   I'm not afraid, i know I'm going to get it 
   F#m                    A 
   Oh, maker of such fine products 
      D                   E 
   As palm trees, and the dead sea 
 F#m                Bm 
   Don't pardon me, there's nothing rude 
  A                C# 
   Things conclude, things conclude! 

   As I slurred that Chorus 
                  Bm                   E 
   The ghosts got Biggie Smalls sounds like a drill 
   The death sweat suits me 
     F#m    E 
   A death threat provides a thrill 
   A                    Bm                    A 
   I've seen the world, kissed all the pretty girls 
                             D        E7 
   I've said my goodbyes and now I'm ready to die 

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