The Statesboro Revue

Fade My Shade Of Black Chords

The Statesboro Revue

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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Fade My Shade Of Black


E G E E G E E G 
E E G E E E E A 
E E E A E E 

E                     A               E 
Hollow moon, come and take my cares away 
E                          A           E 
You've got holes that need fillin' anyway 
D                     A                E 
Had my fair share of drinking for the day 

   E               A                E 
My tired sun gonna fade my shade of black 
E                      A                  E 
You don't really wanna break an old man's back 
          B                  A                E 
Ain't no villian found, will keep me from my path 


E A E E E A E E D A E E 

E                      A                  E 
Who said crown, I need something from the box 
E                  A                 E 
Hidden behind that dresser's dusty clock 
 D                      A                      E 
If you ain't got no soul you don't deserve to walk 

  E                A                    E 
I paint my toes, God change my guitar name 
E                   A               E 
Locks of love don't sing sweet refrains 
         B         A                              E 
Ain't no other man runnin' ice water through his veins 


E A E E E A E E D A E E 

E A E E E A E E B A E E 

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