The Shins

The Rifle's Spiral

The Shins

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The Rifle's Spiral

Intro: F#m Abm A B C#m D E 

B                      F#m 
Dead lungs command it. 
B                            F#m 
You pour your life down the rifle's spiral 
     B                       F#m 
And show us you've earned it 
      B                 F#m 
The cleric's fog will recede right before your eyes 

E                 F#m 
So long to this wretched form 
E          F#m 
Them grey eyes on the subway. 
E     F#m 
Long before you were born 
           D                      E 
You were always to be a dagger floating straight to their heart. 

B                        F#m 
"Listen now we won't tell anyone 
B                 F#m 
But you gonna tell the world 
B                         F#m 
This whole life ain't been any fun. 
B                F#m 
Now your viscera unfurls, 

        E                    F#m 
as you rise. Rise from your burning fiat and 
E               F#m 
go. Go get my suitcase, would you? 
E                  F#m                         D 
You've thoroughly blown their minds and now I must 
Have passage home. Your life. Just two veins from your heart." 

B F#m (3x) 
D E 

F#m              Abm 
You're not invisible now. 
A                B 
You just don't exist. 
C#m              D 
Your mother must be so proud. 
You sublimate yourself granting us a wish 

B F#m (2x) 

B            F#m 
A primitive mural on the wall 
B              F#m 
to fortify your grim resolve. 
B                  F#m 
Amid the glitz of a shopping mall 
B                 F#m 
Another grain of indigent salt for the 

E                      F#m 
sea. Good night to these wretched forms. 
E             F#m 
All them grey eyes on the subway. 
E         F#m                          D 
So long before you were born you were always 
to be a dagger floating straight to their heart. 


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chords The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral
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