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Waited Up

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Waited Up

	  		verse 1 
   D        E         A    D E  
We tried to get along 
   D        E                A 
We tried to just get through 
    D        E             A 
But something here is wrong 
    D        E             A 
Don't tell me this is true 

     D      E         A 
There's no reason why 
    D        E           A 
Why I never saw the sign 
      D        E        A 
You didn't say good-bye 
   D        E              A 
I hoped that you were mine 

D E A I waited up all night long
Solo D E F#m D E C (x2) Bm7 Bb9 A verse 2 D E A D E The night went on and on D E A The moon was rising slow D E A Somewhere in the dawn D E A The hardest feelings grow D E A The power of that pretty face D E A My heart could end for you D E A Leaving such an empty space D E A Don't tell me this is true
D E A D E I waited up all night long

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