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Good Times Bad Times Chords

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Good Times Bad Times

Year: 1964 - Album: 12 X 5

G7                 C    C7              G     G7 
There've been good times. There've been bad times 
        C     C7               F 
I have my share of hard times too 
But I lost my faith in the world 
G           G7      C F C G 
Honey, when I lost you..... 
G7            C       C7             G  G7 
Remember the good times we've had together 
C               C7         F 
Don't you want them back again 
Though these hard times are bugging me now 
G     G7          C F C G 
Honey, now it's a sin..... 
G7                 C   C7       G  G7 
There's gotta be trust, in this world 
C           C7         F 
Or it won't, get very far 
Well, trust in someone 
G          G7        C F C G 
Or there's gonna be war..... 
Contribuição: Caio Gonçalves de Oliveira Xavier([email protected]) 

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