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Crazy Mama Chords

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by Fredubido+2

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Crazy Mama

Year: 1976 - Album: Black and Blue

  		INTRO:    (D  Dsus4  D) -- 4x's 
VERSE:                                   MEANS- PLAY THIS 
       D                                        D  Dsus4  D 
      Well, you're crazy mama 
      With your ball and chain 
      And your sawn off shotgun 
        D                      D   D  
      Blown out brains, yeah 
      You can scandalize me 
      Scorn my name 
      You can steal my money 
      That don't mean a doggone thing 
      'Cause if you really think you can push it 
                 B                      G 
      I'm gonna bust your knees with a bullet, ooh 
        D                  D  
      Crazy mama, ah yeah 
      Well, your old time religion 
      Is just a superstition 
      You're gonna pay high prices 
                                    D   D  
      For your sacrifices, ah yeah 
      All your blood and thunder 
      Sure can't phase me none 
      If you're gonna keep on comin' 
      I'm gonna take it all head on 
      And if you don't believe I'm gonna do it, yeah 
      Just wait till you get hit by that bullet, ooh 
      Crazy mother, ah yeah 
                                             D   D   D   D  
      I'm comin' down to get you, boy, ooh 
      Don't think I ain't thought about it 
      It sure make my shackle rise 
      And cold blood murder 
      It make me wanna draw the line, yeah, ooh yeah 
      Well, you're crazy mother 
      With your ball and chain 
      You're plain psychotic, ooh 
      Plain insane 
      And if you don't believe I'm gonna do it, yeah 
      Just wait for that thud of that bullet, ooh 
      You're crazy mother, ah yeah 
      You're crazy mother, yeah 
      You're crazy mother, yeah 
      Crazy mother, yeah 
      any questions, comments or corrections e-mail me at: 
                   [email protected] 


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