The Rifles

Heebie Jeebies

The Rifles

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Heebie Jeebies

Capo on 2nd fret

Standard tuning 


Intro: E 

n/C       E 
I got the heebie jeebies early in the morning 

I got the shaky knees the fears come a-calling 

E      A 
When I feel that blood running through my veins 

Right down from my toes to my belly and brain 

A     E 
Gotta shake myself jump up in the shower 

Gotta fix my health how many hours 

E     A 
Did I spend last night with the whiskey neat 

A                                                  B 
In a really big zone on the floor until I lost the beat 

B                A 
And now Im incomplete 

A                     E 
Heebie heebie jebbies 

I get a cardiac arrest every minute 

Gotta jump right out the sh*t cause Im in it 

E      A 
But my mouth goes dry when I try to speak 

Is my mind in charge and its blowing my feet out 

Heaven help, help me recover 

Get a call from Tel and I don?t know the brother 

E       A 
Said we met last night about ten to three 

A                                                   B 
And put the world to rights in a minute on an empty street 

B                A 
And now Im incomplete 

A                     E 
Heebie heebie jeebies 

Guitar Solo: E A E B A E A 

n/C      E 
Now Ive got those heebie jeebies again 

But I guess at what price it depends 

E       A 
Cause I know sometimes that youve got to release 

A                                                      B 
And Ill be feeling much better when I realise life is sweet 

B                A 
I think we all agree 

A                         E 
You gotta have a good time 

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