The Rapture

Open Up Your Heart

The Rapture

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Open Up Your Heart

F            A 
Open up your heart (3x) 

            F        A 
When you're sad and lonely 
         F             A 
And your mind sees you only 
       F              A 
Take a chance you can fight it 
Dm   Cm       Bb 
Open up your heart 

F            Bb (2x) 

          F         A 
When your sick incomplete 
          F              A 
Watch the stars not your feet 
          F                A 
Feel the wind blow on your mind 
Dm        Cm      Bb 
Now your seeing blind 

          F           A 
Fight the urge to say no 
             F                  A 
Bring your friends then you'll know 
       F          A 
Come inside step away 
Dm        Cm      Bb 
kill your fears today 

F             A 
Open up your heart (x4) 

         F              A 
Kick the habit you have learned 
        F                 A 
You can do it you've been burned 
          F                A 
When your sick eyes need a turn 
Dm      Cm      Bb 
Let the future learn 

Bb C C# D# F 

F             A 
Open up your heart (x4) 

    F            A 
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