The Pretenders

Middle Of The Road

The Pretenders

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Middle Of The Road

INTRO:  A, G ,E (repeat 4 times) 
        A, G, D, C...                 
1.      Middle of the road - Is trying to find me 
        I'm standing in the middle of life  
        with my pants behind me 
        I got a smile for everyone I meet 
        Long as you don't try draggin my bag 
        or dropping a bomb on my street 
        (chords like intro) 
        Now come on baby - We'll get in the road 
        Come on now - In the middle of the road, yeah  
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figure after solo: A D G |---------|---------| |--5---7--|--8-8----| |--6---7--|--7-7----| |--7---7--|--9-9----| Repeat and sing "one, two" etc |---------|---------| for each figure. |---------|---------|
_______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Adriana Shimabukuro([email protected])

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