The Pogues

When The Ship Comes In

The Pogues

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When The Ship Comes In

	  		Written by Bob Dylan. This is Pogues' version. 

Intro: G C G D G C D G 

       G         D 
Oh the time will come up 
         C           G 
When the winds will stop 
         Em           C          G 
And the breeze will cease to be breathin? 
          G                D 
Like the stillness in the wind 
           C          D 
?fore the hurricane begins 
     D                        G 
The hour when the ship comes in 

       D          C 
Oh the seas will split 
And the ship will hit 
          D            C                 G 
And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking 
         D           C 
Then the tide will sound 
And the wind will pound 
          D             D      G 
And the morning will be breaking 

         G          D 
Oh the fishes will laugh 
           C            G 
As they swim out of the path 
           Em       C        G 
And the seagulls they?ll be smiling 
         G           D 
And the rocks on the sand 
C            G 
Will proudly stand 
      D                     G 
The hour that the ship comes in 

         D               C 
And the words that are used 
For to get the ship confused 
                D          C        G 
Will not be understood as they?re spoken 
        D                 C 
For the chains of the sea 
Will have busted in the night 
              D              D           G 
And will be buried at the bottom of the ocean 

  G         D 
A song will lift 
       C           G 
As the mainsail shifts 
         Em                 C            G 
And the boat that drifts on to the shore line 
       G          D 
And the sun will respect 
    C               G 
Every face on the deck 
    D                        G 
The hour that the ship comes in 

           D         C 
Then the sands will roll 
Out a carpet of gold 
            D                C    G 
For your weary toes to be a touchin? 
D                      C 
And the ship?s wise men 
Will remind you once again 
           D                 D      G 
That the whole wide world is watchin? 

         G          D 
Oh the foes will rise 
          C                   G 
With the sleep still in their eyes 
             Em             C                             G 
And they?ll jerk from their beds and think they?re still dreamin? 
            G                     D 
But they?ll pinch themselves and squeel 
      C                G 
And know that it?s for real 
     D                       G 
The hour that the ship comes in 

               D           C 
Then they?ll raise their hands 
Sayin? we?ll meet all your demands 
            D                             C       G 
But we?ll shout from the bow your days are numbered 
D                       C 
And like pharaoh?s tribe 
They?ll be drownded in the tide 
          D                   D       G 
And like goliath they?ll be conquered  


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