The Perishers

Let There Be Morning

The Perishers

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Let There Be Morning

	  		This is the tab for the song Let There Be Morning by The Perishers 

Tabbed by: zuhailynasz93 
Tuning: Standard 

The chord progression is very basic. For the Intro and the Chorus it's like this: 
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e|--3-------0-------0---2---0------| B|--0-------1-------0---3---1------| G|--0-------0-------0---2---0------| D|--0-------2-------2---0---2------| A|--2-------3-------2-------3------| E|--3---------------0--------------| G C Em D C e|--3-------0-------0---2---0---2--| B|--0-------1-------0---3---1---3--| G|--0-------0-------0---2---0---2--| D|--0-------2-------2---0---2---0--| A|--2-------3-------2-------3------| E|--3---------------0--------------| G C Em D C D
G C D G Now the end is drawing near Em C D G I can't believe it's finally here C D Em Take some time to pray for me G C For what will be G Let the sun rise C Let the birds sing Em Let there be light D C Let there be morning G I don't know how C I made it till now Em Let there be light D C Let there be morning G Let there be morning G C D G Hello future goodbye past Em C D G Now each breath can be my last C D Em Will I see another dawn? Em7 C Will I be reborn? Chorus
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Solo (originally a trumpet) : e|----------------------------------------------------------| B|----4-5-7---7----4-5-7---7----4------------4--------------| G|--------------------------------7-5---5------7-5-5--------| D|----------------------------------------------------7-----| A|----------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------| Chorus Solo Outro (inrerlaced by the solo) : e|----7-----7-----7-----7-----7-----12--10--8-----7---------| B|------8-----8-----8-----8-----8-------------8-----8-------| G|--------7-----7-----7-----7-----9-------------7-----7-----| D|----------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------| Repeat x3
******************************************* Enjoy!

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