The Parachute Club

Love Is Fire

The Parachute Club

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Love Is Fire

       Gm        Cm 
It's a long dark day 
        Gm          F 
When we realize and understand 
           Gm      Cm 
That we've come so far 
             Gm            F 
Destiny lies close to home 
       Gm        Cm 
I will do what I can 
   Gm             F 
To keep my spirit safe and strong 
     Gm          Cm 
If I fall on the way 
                  Gm              F 
Nothing ventured, nothing gained 

Eb F Love is fire Gm Hate is stone Eb F We desire Gm What we can't hold (oh no) Cm Dm When there's anger Gm (outa) Outa control Eb Dm Hate is fire Gm Love is stone
Gm Cm Time deals its hand Gm F How can we live in tenderness? Gm Cm When the world seems so cold Gm F To those who choose to take a stand! Gm Cm Ooo, if l refuse to walk the line (walk the line) Gm F Or see my dreams through someone's eyes Gm Cm (you know that) I'll take that chance Gm F nothing ever stays the same Chorus Gm Cm Gm F x 2 Chorus x 3

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