The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

My Terrible Friend

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

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My Terrible Friend

INTRO: E B C#m A (4x)

E              B     C#m                      A    
  What did you take?    ?Cuz that?s what I?ll take, 
E             B              C#m   A 
  And I can?t take it without you 
E             B    C#m             A 
  When I feel dead,    I lay in my bed 
E                 B                C#m    A 
  I don?t want to lay here without you 

E B C#m A (2x)

E               B    C#m            A 
  Now you can?t stand,  well I understand 
E         B             C#m     A 
  You can take my heavy hand 
E                B  C#m            A 
  ?Cuz I can?t resist the touch of your lips 
E            B                 C#m  A 
  I feel the bliss on my fingertips ? oh shit 

B C#m And I?m scared that this could end B C#m Face down in the park again B C#m Wondering where I left my mind last night A B E But that?s alright, you?re my terrible friend
E B C#m A(4x) VERSE 2: E B C#m A Everyone is pretty and fun, everyone is lovely and young E B C#m Everyone is gentle and gone, but everyone?s just everyone CHORUS 2/END: E B And you?re the one who?s breaking me C#m A And you?re the one who just won?t leave E B C#m A E Still I don?t want it to end, you are my, you're my terrible friend

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