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	  		I'm not sure how accurate it is. Power chords and major/minor chords both work. But this  
is the exact chords I use myself. 

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F5 C Bb Am Gm e|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------(9)---(7)---(5)---(3)---| D|--10---10----8-----7-----5----| A|--8----10----8-----7-----5----| E|--8----8-----6-----5-----3----|
Intro is same as verse F5 C You can pray all day to Satan Bb C You can drive pretty fast F5 C You can drink with your prescriptions Bb C But it never comes to pass Bb C I know you don't believe me F5 Bb But you're gonna see, you're gonna see C One hundred and three You can make marks with a razor Choke out on the bed But do you feel a sense of failure When you just can't end up dead? I know you don't believe me But you're gonna see, you're gonna see One hundred and three Bb Am Gm C How can I get it through to you? Bb Am Gm I just don't think your death wish C Bb F5 (this F5 is the same F5 in the outro) Is gonna come, is gonna come true F5 C Bb C (outro riff) End on F5

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