The Northern Hues

New York Love

The Northern Hues

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New York Love


     Bm            A     E           Bm     
The stars glimmer down, snowflakes glisten 
       D    A        Bm      D 
On the galaxy around you and me 
 Bm            A         E         Bm 
Gems in your crown, reflect as I listen 
 D          A               Bm       D 
Walk the streets, of this beautiful city 
        Bm      D        E       G 
This beautiful city 
    D           E             G 
And I love you more than you know (x3) 
 Bm         A              E     Bm            A          E     Bm 
Won't walk past her with empty hands, on the cover of a colder dawn 
  Bm      A         E        Bm            D              A   Bm    D 
Falling faster than I could stand, I will find a way to carry on 
D          E              G               D         E           G     D 
Oh and I---I, I feel the changes, when my heart is heavier than ever before 
       D   E               G              A    E  G 
And I walk on despite the ages, don't we all 


Bm E G    
D E G (x13) 
D  (hold) 

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