The Nashville Teens

The Hard Way

The Nashville Teens

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The Hard Way

	  		The Hard Way:The Nashville Teens. 
#45 on UK Rock Charts on DECCA Records 
in 1966. 

Intro: D G (x4) 

D  G               D     G       D 
Success don't come easy, so they say, cause  
G     D 
I got mine. 
  G          A 
I got it the hard way, the hard way. 
D    G     D     G        D        G     D 
When I was five, I had to fight to keep alive. 
Bm        A                          
There was very little bread to eat..fifteen before  
I tasted meat. 

D       G         D         G        D 
Teacher said that I had inhibitions..I was just  
G               D  G 
another case of malnutrition. 
The hard way, ain't that the hard way? 
D   G      D           G     D         G 
She let me live in the spare room, but when it  
D          G         D                Bb 
rained the rain came through, through. 

  Eb         Ab      Eb          Ab        Eb 
A song in my heart, a hole in my britches..I struck  
Ab     Eb      Ab 
out to find my riches. 
Didn't have no place to scatter my loot..ain't no bucks  

in a birthday suit. 
    Eb   Ab   Eb             Ab   Eb 
The hard way..ain't that the hard way? 

Take your courage in your hands..stick to things you  

understand..that's the way that's will make  
Ab             Bb 
success out of mess. 

Eb     Ab      Eb   Ab       Eb        Ab       Eb 
Now, I drive a shoes are keen, my suit's  
always clean. 
The hard way..I made it the hard way. 
              Eb   Ab     Eb               Ab 
I made it the hard way..I made it the hard way. 
  Eb   Ab     Eb   Ab     Eb 
I made it the hard way..I made it..(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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