The Monkees

She Makes Me Laugh

The Monkees

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She Makes Me Laugh

I'm so glad that I got her to think of 

She's fine as any Valentine 
    Am            Dm  
I think about her all the time 
 G                        C 
Cross my heart and hope to die 

She sends me silly messages and pictures 

Directing traffic in the mall 
   Am                 Dm  
Or posing with some brand new shoes 
G                     C 
She never fails to surprise 
She makes me laugh, she makes me smile 
             Am                           F    Fm 
And I could hang out with her all day and night 
              C                  Em 
She makes me laugh, she makes me cry 
             Am                        F    Fm 
And I would like to be with her for awhile 

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