The Middle East

My Grandma Was Pearl Hall

The Middle East

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My Grandma Was Pearl Hall

Em  Am  F  C  Dm  C 

verse 1 
Am                  F 
Mothers love their children 
     Dm           C 
Even when they're violent. 
       Am       F 
?Cause all good sons and daughters 
         Dm        C 
Love the ones they look like. 

verse 2 
Am                 F 
Fathers keep their kids safe 
        Dm    C 
On the street men died. 
       Am               F 
?Cause all good sons or fathers 
           Dm       C 
Know that kids are frightened  
Of them. 

F  Am  C   
Am  F  C  Dm  C 

verse 3 
Am                  F 
Went home with your rocket 
       Dm      C 
But a nearing spirit 
Am               F 
Survived a death adder 
         Dm         C 
But you drowned in liquid 

verse 4 
Am                    F 
You learned from your father 
        Dm     C 
How to husband animals. 
    Am                F 
And I learned from my father 
     Dm          C 
That all men are animals. 

Verse 5 
Am              F 
Jesus, you?re a fire 
       Dm       C 
In my foreskin everyday. 
Am                 F 
Burning, oh you?re burning 
          Dm     C 
Dead and lonely you remain. 

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