The Microphones

Samurai Sword

The Microphones

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Samurai Sword

Intro: Em(add9) F#m G Gm F# (x5) 
        Em(add9)              F#m 
You're a bear foraging for a kill 
               G                  Gm 
Your massive paws press down the snow 
I've got bare feet 
        Em(add9)                 F#m 
Touching bark right above you silently 
       G           Gm                   F# 
I lower down my icy stare, you smell the air 
          Em(add9)                 F#m          G    Gm 
I've got a samurai sword meant for you, polar bear 

I've got a grizzly look in my eye 
          Em(add9)                 F#m        G 
You aim to drag me back down underground to gorge 
              Gm                 F# 
You want my blood all over your face 
         Em(add9)                              F#m 
But I'm plummeting through branches towards you now 
Feeling still (samurai Phil) 
Don't move to Gm on the last line, let the G ring out. 

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