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Twelve-thirty Chords

The Mamas and Papas

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by europeu

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	   E  E7      A7     A7        D    D7 
      I usEd to livE in NEw York City 
      E    E7      A7       A7        D     D7 
      EvErything thErE was dark and dirty 
      E    E7     A7     A7     D      Bb   D 
      OutsidE my window was a stEEplE 
      E      (E7)        Eb            D 
      With a clock that always said 12:30 
      G                              D 
      Young girls arE coming to thE canyon 
      C           E                      D 
      And in thE morning I can sEE thEm walking 
      G                         D 
      I can no longEr kEEp my blinds drawn 
      C             C               G 
      And I can't kEEp mysElf from talking. 
      At first so strangE to fEEl so friEndly 
      To say good morning and rEally mEan it 
      To fEEl thEsE changEs happEning in mE 
      But not to noticE till I fEEl it. 
      Cloudy watErs cast no rEflEction 
      ImagEs of bEauty liE thErE stagnant 
      Vibrations bouncE in no dirEction 
      And liE thErE shattErEd into fragmEnts. 


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