The Lumineers

Gale's Song

The Lumineers

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Gale's Song

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C e-----------------0------------------0---------------| B-----------------1------------------1---------------| G-----------------0h2-0--------------0---------------| D-----------------------0h2--------------------------| A--------3-------------------3-----------------------| E-----3----------------------------------------------|
-Intro- C (2x) -Verse1- F C C It's a lonely road Am C C For the tired man Am G C C And they can see it in your face F C C And you'll be home in spring Am C C I can wait till then Am G F C C I heard you're on the big train F C And all this too shall pass F C G This loneliness won't last for long Am G F C I wasn't there to take his place Am G F C I was ten thousand miles away F C C So when you hear my voice Am C C Will you say my name? Am G C C And never forget the pain F C C I don't want to go Am C C But it's time to leave Am G F C C And be on my mind and my destiny F C And I won't fight it in vain F C G Am I love you just the same G F C I couldn't know what's in your mind Am G F C But I saw the pictures, you're looking fine C And there was a time G When I stood in line for love, for love, for love F C But I let you go, oh, I let you go C And you cut apart This broken heart G This blood this blood this blood F C Oh it drains from my skin and dust C C F C C F G C

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