The Lawrence Arms


The Lawrence Arms

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      G7     B7     Em 
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e|-------------------------------| \ B|----8------12------5-----------| \ G|-------------------------------| \ D|-------------------------------| / x2 A|-------------------------------| / E|-------------------------------| /
verse 1 G7 How?d it get so late B7 Em There?s darkness everywhere you look G7 Screaming past the turnstiles B7 Em Rippling through the neighborhood G7 F Forget about the whispers and the screams C And taking all, all the logic of a dream G7 F And know that things are never what they seem C But tell that to Em Dm C That weird old heart of mine Em Dm Em That weird old heart of mine F C Doo doo doo doodoodoo doo-ooh verse 2 G7 I have heard the sirens B7 Em Singing softly inch to inch G7 So intent on something B7 Em Always hovering out of reach G7 F You slay ?em with your kindness and your style C You make them weak, you leave them dancing in the aisles G7 F You'll keep ?em with the sadness in your smile C And your tune Em Dm C A bleary lullaby Em Dm Em F C Em A bleary lullaby F C Doo doo doo doodoodoo doo-ooh verse 3 G7 F Crying out in pleasure or in pain C Where we are, oh they largely sound the same G7 F Commotion at the edges of the frame C Oh a luminous transmission at the far end of the dial G7 And the city full of strangers F C It?ll make this brittle time worthwhile Em Dm C Till we cross that finish line Em Dm C Till you cross that finish line Em Dm C Am Doo doo doo doodoodoo doo-ooh

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