The Kinks

Animal In The Zoo

The Kinks

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Animal In The Zoo

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A D A D E A You're just an animal in the zoo D A D E A Sittin' round feelin' persecuted and abused D A D E A You're locked up but I'm on the loose D A But I can't quite tell who's looking at who (Chorus) A Because I'm an animal too E But you're locked up in the zoo A D E A And you look at me while I look at you God made the heaven and the deep blue sea Man picked the flowers and he pulled up the trees God made the Moon and the Rain and the Sun Man made the money and the bombs and the guns So we're all animals... I'm a prisoner but I got no cage I'm locked up but I got no chains The good guys loose and the bad guys win That's why you're looking out and I'm looking in Because we're all animals....

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